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To improve mental health

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Meet Laura

Meet Laura

Queenstown based illustrator and author Laura Shallcrass. Laura creates artwork for publishing, packaging and editorial using gouache, oil graphite and digital media. 
Meet Hope

Meet Hope

Tauranga artist Hope McConnell from Hope McConnell Creative. Hope has held a paintbrush in her hand since the age of two and now applies her creativity to the design industry. Hope believes the role of illustration and design is to bring visual goodness to others, and that’s her goal with every piece of work she produces. Renowned and recognisable for her bold colours, Hope is inspired by fashion, food and loved ones.
Meet Finn

Meet Finn

New Zealand artist, designer, illustrator and painter Finn Gerry Wilson. Finn has used many materials to create his art, from skate decks to surfboards, recycled car doors, walls and traditional canvas, but what remains consistent is his unique point of view. Drawing inspiration from street and skate culture, Finn throws in his own twist, often giving us the unexpected, which is where the magic happens.
PieceHouse jigsaw puzzles, Golden Hour, Oasis Found and Shaken & Stirred
Modern Jigsaw Puzzle New Zealand Artist
Golden Hour - 1000 Piece Puzzle
Sale price$49.00
Shaken & Stirred Piece House Puzzle 1000 Piece Quality Adult Jigsaw Cocktail
Shaken & Stirred - 1000 Piece Puzzle
Sale price$49.00
Modern 1,000 Piece Adult Jigsaw Puzzle
Oasis Found - 1000 Piece Puzzle
Sale price$49.00

The values we live by

PieceHouse puzzles values artists from New Zealand

Artist appreciation

We like to do things a little differently at PieceHouse by supporting local creatives. Each collection we collaborate with different New Zealand artists to design swoon-worthy puzzle artwork.

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