Our bid to help Kiwi's flourish

Our bid to help Kiwi's flourish

PieceHouse is proud to partner with the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand - our bid to help kiwi’s flourish.

Mental health is incredibly important to us at PieceHouse.  

Mental illness is often hidden, however it’s more common than we realise and severely impacts people’s lives – both those suffering from ill health and their loved ones. Almost one-third of people in New Zealand have a personal experience of mental distress and the rate is increasing rapidly. 

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand is a charity that’s close to our hearts and speaks to the mission set out at PieceHouse. This charity works tirelessly towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health and wellbeing. 

We wanted to find a way for PieceHouse to give back to the community, so we’re excited to support the Mental Health Foundation’s important work to create a more mentally-healthy future for all New Zealanders.  

Whenever you buy a jigsaw puzzle from PieceHouse we commit to paying it forward with every purchase and we’ll donate $1 from every sale to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ.  

We also strongly believe that the act of puzzling enables people to engage creatively in the present moment, offering a sense of achievement as they work towards a goal, which in itself improves wellbeing.  

Improve your brain, connections and society with every PieceHouse puzzle! 

Find out more about the amazing work that the Mental Health Foundation of NZ does here