Puzzle Mat
Puzzle Mat
Puzzle Mat
Puzzle Mat

Puzzle Mat

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Our new puzzle mats make puzzle solving more fun and a lot easier! You can work on your puzzle and then roll it away partially completed without taking over your dining or coffee table for long periods of time. It's a great accessory for any puzzler!

✔️ Sturdy and thick for a comfortable puzzle experience.
✔️ Not flimsy like some other mats you might have seen.
✔️ Stores a partially or fully completed puzzle.
✔️ Perfect for puzzle time at home, at a friend's place, on holiday, or getting it framed.
✔️ Comes with a cute carry bag for easy transport.

The puzzle mat measures 116cm x 66cm and comes with:
- Non-slip mat
- Inflatable tube
- Blow up pump
- Velcro straps
- Carry bag
Please note that it does not include a puzzle.

Here's how to use it:
1. Lay out the mat flat on a table, with the printed pattern facing down
2. Work on your puzzle

Here's how to store it:
1. Blow up the tube with the blow up pump
2. Place inflated tube at the end of the mat and roll up the mat with the tube and puzzle inside
3. Secure the rolled up mat with the two velcro straps
4. Store in the carry bag

Bundle & Save
We have a bundle where you can select any puzzle along with your puzzle mat, you can shop the Puzzle & Mat bundle here

Puzzle piece quality close up

High quality puzzles

Puzzle pieces and box are made from high quality recyclable paperboard 

Clean edges that interlock effortlessly

Less puzzle dust 

Large picture of the puzzle on the front and back of the puzzle box to use for reference when solving the puzzle

Puzzle is finished with a soft-touch, glare free coating

The perfect gift idea

Treat your loved ones with a PieceHouse Jigsaw Puzzle. For only $5 we will gift wrap and add a gift card to your puzzle purchase. You can add on this service by ticking the 'Gift Wrap' box in your Shopping Cart.