Shaken & Stirred Piece House Puzzle 1000 Piece Quality Adult Jigsaw Cocktail
Fun Cocktail Puzzle. Modern 1,000 Piece Quality Adult Jigsaw Puzzle
Cocktail 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Summer puzzle cocktail artwork by New Zealand artist
Shaken & Stirred - 1000 Piece Puzzle
Shaken & Stirred - 1000 Piece Puzzle

Shaken & Stirred - 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Premium quality adult jigsaw puzzle
Artwork by New Zealand artist Nikki Astwood
Finished size: 75 x 52cm

This image was inspired by the simple pleasure of a gathering with family and friends, with the sounds of chatter and laughter over a wine or cocktail on a hot summer’s day. The chosen colours reflect the strong hues of summer, giving the impression of multiple people at this enjoyable occasion, creating fond memories. You can almost hear the sound of laughter and the clink of ice cubes while you complete this puzzle.

About the Artist
New Zealand artist Nikki Astwood from Revised Edition.

Naturally creative her entire life, Nikki produces unique and innovative still life product photography. Nikki realised her passion for this after untold hours creating content for her own social media and the realisation that photography made her soul blossom. With a background in hospitality, she began honing her skills by photographing food while moving into beverages (naturally) and now a diverse range of products. While Nikki's inspiration comes from many places, colour plays a leading role, along with nature, art, fashion and architecture. She loves to keep it playful while creating unique and exciting scenes.

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Sound of Shaken & Stirred A puzzle playlist has been curated for you to get the most out of completing our jigsaw puzzle.
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Puzzle piece quality close up

High quality puzzles

Puzzle pieces and box are made from high quality recyclable paperboard 

Clean edges that interlock effortlessly

Less puzzle dust 

Large picture of the puzzle on the front and back of the puzzle box to use for reference when solving the puzzle

Puzzle is finished with a soft-touch, glare free coating

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