Meet Lisa Nicole

Meet Lisa Nicole

Lisa specialises in highly polished photorealistic paintings and picturesque colour illustrations reminiscent of 1950s printed travel posters. Her work blends considered composition, technical competence and refined painting skills that embody the authentic connections she makes with the locations represented.
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What is your artist background?
I have been working as a freelance illustrator since 2014 and studied bachelor of design (hons) at Massey in Wellington. 

Where in New Zealand do you live?

When did you start doing your art?

When did you start your entrepreneur journey?
I was always captivated by travel posters so I started designing them just for fun/my own pleasure and then it became a business.

How do you describe your artwork style?
Vintage charm with a contemporary twist.

Have you always done your field of art or was there other types of art that you have done? If so, what types?
I love working with watercolours but mostly work digitally these days.

What is the best/ideal environment for you when creating your artwork? 
I have my own little studio room at home with my dog Brewster sitting at my feet. I love to get outside a lot and feel most inspired and motivated to create when I have been in the outdoors.

What values are important to you?
Authenticity - my best work is when I have visited a location and have experienced how the place feels. It doesn't feel quite right to just create artwork from a photo someone else has taken.
Connection and friendship: All my best memories in nature are because of the people it's shared with.
Purpose and personal growth: Living with purpose and meaning is really important to me, I want to always be learning and never want to take life for granted.

Any advice for aspiring NZ artists?
Practise consistently, seek inspiration from other artists and try new styles. Looking at other peoples art always sparks new ideas and approaches for my own work.

What was the inspiration behind your artwork for your PieceHouse puzzle?
A collection of my favourite work which showcases the diverse landscape of New Zealand. Lisa Nicole is the artist that created the Greetings From puzzle.

What do you do to help keep your mental health in a positive place?
I love being active, it keeps me in a positive place. Getting outside and into the hills for adventures out of reception and away from technology is like a little reset for me. Also surrounding myself with good people and hanging out with my golden retriever Brewster.

Some amazing other work by Lisa Nicole. Follow Lisa Nicole's instagram here.

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