Meet Mokshini

Meet Mokshini

Mokshini is a creative force known for her vibrant and diverse expressions across various disciplines. Mokshini finds inspiration in urban landscapes and quirky personalities, infusing her artwork with wit and sophistication. Themes of womanhood, fashion, and daily life in the city reoccur in her work, but one common thread seen throughout is that she loves to create relatable imagery that is joyous and uplifting. As a storyteller at heart, Mokshini infuses her work with satire and whimsy, adding layers of humour and imagination to captivate her audience.
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What is your artist background?
My name is Mokshini- I’m a Kiwi residing in Brooklyn New York. A big part of my love for New York is that I enjoy urban landscapes and drawing quirky, offbeat characters. New York is never short of those! I’ve drawn ever since I was a child- I’m grateful to have had parents and family that encouraged me in this journey. I went to a tonne of art classes and during college did Art design, Graphic design and painting. At university I chose to do fashion design. Even though I enjoyed it, my strengths and passion for sketching and drawing stood out- yet again I had great mentors to guide me back into doing illustration for my masters degree. There was no looking back!

Where in New Zealand do you live?
I lived in Auckland, but now reside in Brooklyn, New York.

When did you start doing your art?
Art has always been an outlet, escape and form of self expression for me. My mum jokes that I drew before I wrote. Though I did art through out my school and university years, I only started considering it as a viable career path during my masters degree.

When did you start your entrepreneur journey?
I started freelancing around 2017- during this time Ive worked with many agencies who have represented me in different parts of the world. As much as I enjoy collaborating with brands, In recent years, I've ventured beyond the commercial realm and delved into personal projects, focusing on creating large-scale paintings and ceramics.

Some amazing other work by Mokshini.

How do you describe your artwork style?
As a storyteller at heart, I infuse my work with satire and whimsy, adding layers of humor and imagination to captivate my audience. Themes of womanhood, fashion, and daily life in the city reoccur in my work, but one common thread seen throughout is that I love to create relatable imagery that is joyous and uplifting.

Have you always done your field of art or was there other types of art that you have done? If so, what types?
I’ve always done illustration- this is a big umbrella which involves doing books, textiles, editorial work and brand collaborations. Recently, I've found great joy in exploring three-dimensional work, particularly in crafting functional design objects, with a special focus on ceramics.

What is the best/ideal environment for you when creating your artwork? 
Honestly I can paint anywhere. I love to take my sketchbook when I travel- Sometimes I draw on the subway, the park, or a coffee shop. I love sketching from life. I also enjoy painting in the studio while I listen to music or a podcast.

Some amazing other work by Mokshini.

Who is your hero? And why?
I admire a lot of painters from the past such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Toulouse Lautrec, Edgar Degas, Chagall, Monet, Matisse and Picasso- they influence my work tremendously. I love these painters for different reasons, but one thing they all have in common is how prolific they are, and their exploration of many styles and themes. In the modern era, branding and having a style is important as an artist, but at the same time this can be limiting. I try to remind myself to constantly keep exploring and evolving.

What values are important to you?
Being authentic- it’s one of the hardest things to do, because it also means trusting your own inner voice and having a strong sense of self. Gratitude and a sense of curiosity are also values that I love to instill and practice.

Any advice for aspiring NZ artists?
The world is your oyster. In today's era, geographical boundaries no longer confine us. Social media wields significant influence, and it can be a powerful tool for community building, not only in your neighborhood but other parts of the world. In recent years I’ve made the effort to meet with ‘followers’ in person or over zoom, which has brought me a lot of joy and a sense of belonging.

What was the inspiration behind your artwork for your PieceHouse puzzle?
Titled 'Poolside,' this piece celebrates womanhood, friendship, and community. Inspired by the movements of synchronized swimmers, I sought to capture their dynamic interaction with water. I juxtaposed their energy with the serene camaraderie of lounging women sharing stories. The backdrop was inspired by a trip to Széchenyi Bathhouse in Budapest, a historic masterpiece, where the ornate tile work and vibrant hues captivated me. Mokshini is the artist that created the Poolside puzzle.

What do you do to help keep your mental health in a positive place?
I’m a big advocate of therapy, creating community, and making space for myself. Mindfulness practices, and getting into my body and doing things like yoga and breath work are also things I love.

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